About Us


PureRising, LLC is a leadership consulting group specializing in talent development for credit unions and organizations.

We believe leaders are nurtured personally (inside) and professionally (outside) for leadership. As a child, the founder’s words, “one day my voice will be heard, I am a leader” created an indelible drive to study leaders, leadership and motivation.

PureRising provides solutions to maximize potential in leadership development and coaching, employee engagement, culture and retention, training, content creation and communication strategies that transform individuals and organizations from the inside out.


What makes us different from other leadership companies is our holistic approach to individuality. We are not a one-size fit all.

Our approach is to partner with executives, and mid-level managers and their teams to cultivate and develop leaders from every seat within the organization. Our mission is to transform and collaborate in the actualization of potential while increasing leadership capabilities that elevate and align to organizational strategy and performance.

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