Transform the Leader Within You

Growth Mindset 

PureRising, LLC is a leadership consulting group specializing in talent development for credit unions and organizations. We believe leaders are taught how to lead and we’ve made it our mission to partner with leaders to do just that.  

PureRising provides solutions to maximize potential in leadership development and coaching, employee engagement, culture and retention, training, content creation and conflict resolution that transforms individuals and organizations from the inside out.

What makes us different from other leadership companies is our holistic approach to individuality. We are not a one-size fit all.

Our approach is to partner with executives, and mid-level managers and their teams to cultivate and develop leaders from every seat within the organization.

Our mission is to transform and collaborate in the actualization of potential while increasing leadership capabilities that elevate and align to organizational strategy and performance.

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LaVada D. Humphrey, is the Chief Leadership Officer and Founder of PureRising Group, LLC. She is known as a gifted communicator, and maximization strategist helping organizations and individuals align to their life’s work, purpose and leadership style. LaVada has 20+ years of work experience with 14 years providing facilitation, training and organizational and leadership development.


We echo the mission of the credit union movement: “people helping people”.
We have extensive knowledge working with Credit Unions, and an understanding of their mission and philosophy. The founder invested 14 years in the industry, with a broad knowledge base and commitment to serving this community. Our expertise is in leadership, organizational development, change, and employee development, coaching, training and content creation.


It is our conviction, words shape worlds. Every organization has a “personality” with its own unique language, culture and realities. Understanding communication and change is a perpetual process that cannot be ignored. Our ‘Communication Rising Method’ is a customized learning tool that encompasses ‘real-talk’ sessions, emotional intelligence and much more to ‘fit’ the organization’s initiatives.

We also offer the following assessments and training solutions.

  • Communication Rising Method
  • Let’s Get Real: An Elephant is in the Room and Over There Too
  • Hogan’s Personality Inventory
  • Hogan’s Development Survey
  • Motivates, Values and Preferences Inventory
  • MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)


Leadership is at the ‘core’ of what we do and we’re excited about that!
We believe everything starts with leadership and intention. Leaders are the catalyst towards innovation, change and development. We work with executives, mid-level management and their high potential emerging leaders to increase their leadership capabilities and to build stronger, collaborative teams that are engaged and aligned to reach their full potential. We offer executive coaching, workshops and leadership facilitation. We also provide tools to help deliver greater awareness for personal and professional development.


  • Leadership Identity Workshop
  • Hogan’s Development Survey
  • Hogan’s Motivates, Values and Preferences


Do you need a dynamic, inspiring and relevant speaker to engage your workplace, conference or event? It would be an awesome, life-changing experience to partner with you. We offer a variety of topics and customizations to ‘fit’ your needs.