Transform the Leader Within You

Growth Mindset 

PureRising is a professional development group with a “growth mindset” approach to life and leading.

Our purpose and mission is to be a contributor in developing massive growth spurts in people and inside the workplace. We partner with organizations and not-for-profits providing leadership development, coaching and ‘effective communication’, engagement and burnout strategies, purpose and self-discovery work to leaders and their teams.

We offer empowering life changing ‘pep talk’ too!

The visionary, LaVada, believes personal and professional development intersects. What differentiate us from others is our holistic approach to individuality. We believe every person has the capacity and potential to lead something – including self.  We do not believe in a one-size fits all model. Instead, we lean into where the person or organization is and their desired state.

Our edge is “iron sharpens iron’ for continuous growth to lead, transform and elevate.


Professional Headshot


LaVada D. Humphrey, is a born communicator whom believed as a little girl, one day her passion for people, leading and speaking would be used.

She is the visionary and founder of PureRising Group. LaVada is an intentional activator using her voice as an Empowerment Speaker and Professional Development Strategist. LaVada uses her experience to help others lead, transform and elevate their life. 

She has 20+ years of professional work experience; starting her career in the financial industry (banks & credit unions). Her purpose is to serve others by facilitating self-discovery, playing and leading from their strengths to add value, alignment and authenticity in the marketplace. LaVada holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership.

Her mission is to facilitate daily “aha’ moments taking you on a personal and professional growth journey.


It is our conviction, words shape worlds. Every organization has a “personality” with its own unique language, culture and realities. Understanding communication and change is a perpetual process that cannot be ignored. Our ‘Communication Rising Method’ is a customized learning tool that encompasses ‘real-talk’ sessions, emotional intelligence and much more to ‘fit’ the organization’s initiatives.

We also offer the following assessments and training solutions.

  • Communication Rising Method
  • Let’s Get Real: An Elephant is in the Room and Over There Too
  • Hogan’s Personality Inventory
  • Hogan’s Development Survey
  • Motivates, Values and Preferences Inventory
  • MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)


Leadership is at the ‘core’ of what we do and we’re excited about that!
We believe everything starts with leadership and intention. Leaders are the catalyst towards innovation, change and development. We work with executives, mid-level management and their high potential emerging leaders to increase their leadership capabilities and to build stronger, collaborative teams that are engaged and aligned to reach their full potential. We offer executive coaching, workshops and leadership facilitation. We also provide tools to help deliver greater awareness for personal and professional development.


  • Leadership Identity Workshop
  • Hogan’s Development Survey
  • Hogan’s Motivates, Values and Preferences


Do you need a dynamic, inspiring and relevant speaker to engage your workplace, conference or event? It would be an awesome, life-changing experience to partner with you. We offer a variety of topics and customizations to ‘fit’ your needs.