Do you need a dynamic, inspiring and relevant speaker to engage your workplace, conference or event? It would be an awesome life-changing experience to partner with you. We offer a variety of topics and customizations to ‘fit’ your needs.

Emotional Intelligence:
“Know Your Voice & Theirs Too”

Your voice is your personal and professional brand! And nothing is created, negotiated, or solved without understanding the power of words and intention. This empowering talk discusses the importance of owning and leveraging your voice and understanding others.

Leadership Rising

It’s not from a position, title or organizational chart — it is authentic leading. This talk is transformational, inspiring and empowering. Leadership Rising is the 2.0 version to promoting the concept everyone leads from their sphere of influence, expertise, talents and gifting. This talk is unusual, but it’s exactly what makes great leaders and healthy organizations.

Hear LaVada Speak

The Empowerment Series:

J.U.M.P. Accelerator

Nothing great can happen without change, self- awareness, belief and actualizing your potential. These are the cornerstones to personal and professional development and life advancements. It all happens in the leap.

Member Service Expresso 2.0

If Starbucks serves coffee, credit unions are committed to service. Communities are hooked on caffeine well what about the members who believe that service should be robust and served up to their liking. This talk changes mindsets about service and employee engagement.

The Pressing Comb Chats™

It’s time to talk about those things that are pressing to get to the next level. The Pressing Comb Chats™ is the ultimate empowering talk for women who just need to have a ‘soulful’, bold chat combing through her life, career and potential. It’s the hot combs in life that defines our stories and being.

The 5 Second Rule:
“Decide & Take Action Now”

You can change your life in ‘5 seconds’ just by choosing to decide without overthinking it. It’s getting to the “core” of YOU, your desires, why you want it and setting the intention towards achievement.

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